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Youngrah brands & branding team works with clients to help maximize the brands’ opportunity and offer differentiate service to make your brand identifiable, distinctive and meaningful.
Brand Licensing : Mix & Match
  • Research items and develop business model for clients
  • Use and apply our global and local brand network to deliver the best of the brands to
    all clients
  • Consult clients for ensuring the long-term, consistent implementation and management of the
    license brands.
Brand Management
  • Work closely with world-class law firms for efficient brand management, which covers from
    trademark registration to intellectual property protection through all aspect for brand
  • Support communication between licensors and licensees
  • Provide A to Z service to expand business globally through brand licensing
  • AtoZ : All aspects of brand licensing - Market research, Paper work for contract, Trade mark registration and market monitoring
Market Research & Analysis
  • Discover brand which has a great vision through in-depth market research and analysis
  • Evaluate alignment, identifies gaps between brand and vision for launching
  • Support internal and external positioning and practical recommendation
  • Provide season trend package for a brands through international market research
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