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Are you looking for a business partner for your brands? Are you looking for brands for your business? YOUNGRAH IS HERE FOR YOU. Youngrah brands & branding
  • Youngrah is a full-serviced fashion licensing and brand management company. It represents a qualified licensing business partnership in Korea. One of our key strengths is
    the well-experienced manpower with a range of experiences such as merchandising, design, marketing, planning, sales and a global brand management in the fashion industry over
    15years. Especially our international working experiences allow us multi-cultural communication with our clients from various countries very comfortable and efficient.

    Youngrah has accumulated various knowhow from the brand management of a globally successful license brand, Michiko London Koshino introduced in Korea in 1990. The brand management program covers seasonal trend introduction, design approval, marketing, advertising and monitoring for
    an intellectual property protection.

Youngrah’s strategic brand management based on knowledge of the local market and a strong network with local fashion companies and culturally well-managed programs differentiates us from others and this specialty can give our clients an opportunity of business expansion into Korea and enhancing their brand value as asset.
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